Who am I? Why this blog?

Who am I?

Hey! This is Naveen ( ).

I am a professional linux system engineer with almost a decade of experience. I started my career as a system programmer mostly working on middleware and applications on linux systems. Over the years, I slowly, but consistently, kept exploring more by moving into the deeper layes of software stack viz libc, system calls, kernel, bootloaders and firmware. I got hired and worked for major players in the industry like Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco, Visteon, to name a few. The journey was amazing and fruitful. However, there is never an end to learning. I am still exactly like the year 1 guy - curious and ambitious to explore more. And in this journey, I don't want to be alone anymore - hence this blog/website. The purpose of creating this website is to consistently share what I am doing or learning, so that others can learn as well from my findings. The feedback on the posts will certainly compound my learnings, where readers often suggest better ways to do the same thing or recent enhancements in the area. So its a win-win situation for everyone.

The theme is going to be linux system engineering and hence any related topics is going to be the recipe of this website. It took me almost 2 months to program this website on my own and I hope it will benefit you. In case you are a passionate engineer, love to share knowledge and want to join me in this project, please drop me a message on linkedin ( ).

The target audience of this blog are :

  • People beginning in embedded programming
  • Working Professionals
  • Curious hackers like me who love to break things

Remember that when you are using this blog - be curious like a 6 year old. Don't take the statements as-is, instead ask why? Trust me, if you follow this approach, the journey will become very interesting and curious and you will never forget the things that you learn. Make use of the comment section wisely and I will see you there :) Tada.